Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment

Most parents seek orthodontic treatment for their child between the ages of 11 and 15. This is because around age 12, most permanent teeth and baby teeth exchange complete and at this time crooked teeth, gaps, and bad bites are most noticeable. These problems don't correct themselves. Furthermore, orthodontic treatment completed in the early teenage years tends to be more stable since the bone and surrounding tissues are not fully mature. Treatment time is likely to be shorter during the teenage years than compared with adult orthodontic treatment due to the changing rates of metabolism.


Social Timing for Braces

The teen years are full of physical, emotional and social development.  By the time a child is well into those years, the desire to look attractive may be so strong, in fact, that a teenager's willingness to smile may be impacted by the appearance of their teeth.

Children this age are usually excited to get braces and cooperative with their care. Even if some teens are hesitant to get braces, when undergoing orthodontic treatment, they realize that wearing braces is easily accepted at that time and they may actually fit-in with friends and classmates who also have braces. Initiating orthodontic treatment around this age also makes it possible to complete treatment in time for high school.


What to expect

Please read about different types of braces and about Invisalign to learn more about orthodontic treatment modalities. Dr. Shen can discuss the proper treatment modalities during your consultation visit. Please call us to schedule your complimenary consultation visit. We look forward to seeing you!